CLEARANCE Royale Talisman Garden Gate 900mm (2’11”) GAP x 915mm (3’0″) High


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This is a CLEARANCE product and is only available in the below size

Gate measurements

Fits a 900mm GAP x 915mm High
Sold as seen, light scuffs on the coating due to being moved around our warehouse, you will need to possibly touch up with paint.
This gate was originally electro galvanised for added rust resistance and Powder coated black.

The Heavy Duty Royale Talisman wrought iron style gates embody strength,  regal splendour and are beautifully designed and fashioned from ultra heavy-duty steel.

Originally made to grace the most elegant Scottish estates (and withstand the rugged Scottish climate), our distinctive Royale Talisman garden gates are now bordering properties up and down the UK.

The sturdy frame is reinforced by double horizontal bracing and decorated with a row of circlets and distinctive fleur-de-lys finials.

The prices shown include the standard fleur-de-lys finials, but we offer the choice of Safety Fleur-de-Lys finials or Ball Top finials below.