Zaris Articulated Above Ground Automation Kit


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The Zariss articulated gate kit is a premium automation kit for abvove ground swing gates.

Please note that is automation product is an above ground, ground level application.

The 24V irreversible electromechanical pivoting arm actuator for swing gates with leaves up to 2.2 m in length 300kgs in weight

This kit is particularly usefull and easy to fit on exsiting gates as well as new gates. Less control gear on the wall as the controler is built in to the main articulated motor and less cabling required as a result.

  • Easy installation on pillarsof medium / big dimensions
  • Strong articulated anti-shearing arm in die cast aluminium
  • Obstacle detection
  • Programme acceleration and deceleration
  • Self-learning of opening and closing times
  • Operation in case of absence of power using the B-PACK backup battery
  • Operation with solar power using the ECO-LOGIC system
  • 2 Years parts warranty


Kit Contains

  • 24v Motor
  • Onboard digital controller
  • Code reciever card
  • 2no transmitters
  • Send/recieve photocell

All Kits must be fitted by a Professional Gate Automation Installer