Divinity Apex Roof Shed 8ft x 5ft


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Divinity sheds combine the quality in design and innovation to offer you a storage solution that will maximise the potential in your day to day use of your garden shed. If you want a shed that will fit the needs of your backyard then choose a Divinity shed.

The 8 ft. x 5 ft. New Edition Divinity storage shed plays a big role in a small space. With an attractive design and built to weather the storms, this outdoor storage shed provides a place for everything so you can keep everything in its place. 8’ x 5’ New Edition Model includes: white edge trim, 1x standard window, 2 x peg strips, 2 x 30” x 10” shelves, 2 x corner shelves and 1 x 90” x 9” shelf.


Height: 2440mm
Width: 2430mm
Depth: 1520mm
Front Door Opening Size Width: 1420mm
Front Door Opening Size Height: 1930mm