Corner Pergola Includes Three Trellis Panels, Posts and All Timber Pergola Parts

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A corner pergola is a great eye-catching garden feature that could bring interest to any part of a small or large garden.

Dimensions not including cross-member over overhangs 4.168m wide x 2.247m deep x 2.355m high.

Overall dimensions including overhangs 4.373m wide x 2.452m deep x 2.355m high.

Please note that the three large cross members are not notched and rest on top of the pergola front rail. The smaller cross members are notched and slot into the rails.

Kit includes:

2 x 2.174m 95mm x 35mm End Side Rail for Pergola
3 x 0.57m 95mm x 35mm Short Pergola Cross Member Planed Finish
6 x 0.50m 95mm x 95mm Pergola In-Line Brace Planed Finish
4 x 2.70m 91mm x 91mm Planed Finish Fence Post
4 x 95mm x 95mm x 35mm Pergola Spacer Block Planed Finish
2 x 2.22m 95mm x 35mm End Side Rail for Corner Pergola
1 x 1.968M Pergola Corner/Side Rail 1.968M
1 x 1.841m 95mm x 35mm Side Rail for Corner Pergola
1 x 2.53m 95mm x 35mm Side Rail with 45 degree both ends for Corner Pergola
3 x 1.7m 95mm x 35mm cross member shaped one end for Corner Pergola
3 x 1.575m High x 1.83m (6ft) wide Diamond Trellis panel for Corner Pergola

Optional fittings packs are available.