Gate Automation

More and more people are turning towards gate automation when it comes to their property. There are a number of benefits of having an automatic gate, including additional security, practicality and even an increase in your property’s value. You can receive these benefits for comparatively very little investment with one of the electric gate kits we have on offer.

These automatic gate kits can be fitted to nearly every and any type of gate, regardless of size and material. If you have a wooden gate or a metal gate, you are able to turn them into automatic gates with the simple installation of an electric gate kit. Rather than searching specifically for metal or wooden electric gates, try looking through these gate kits.

Electric Gate Kits or Automatic Gates?
Over the decades in which we have been providing gates, we have noticed that those who buy fully automatic gates often pay a premium compared to those who choose an electric gate kit (despite both doing the same thing).

Here at Cannock Gates, we truly believe that it is better value for customer to purchase the electric gate kit separately for their gate automation needs. As they are able to be attached to any gate, they can save you a fortune if you already have a gate – saving the need for you to buy a new one.

For a fraction of the price, you will be able to reap the rewards of having a fully automatic gate.

If you do not currently have a gate but are on the lookout for automatic gates, why not have a browse of our gates and pick yourself up a gate automation kit as well. If you are after an automatic gate that needs to be of a certain shape, size and style – please have a look at our made to measure gate service and let us know that you would like for the gate to be automated.

Should you want to know more about electric gate kits and gate automation solutions, feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of our friendly sales team on 01543 426500.

**Please note that all gate automation kits need to be fitted by an electrician. Cannock Gates do not offer electric gate kit fittings. Before you purchase we recommend you call our sales team for more information.