Metal Gates

For over three decades, we have provided the UK with expertly crafted metal gates, earning the reputation of one of the finest manufacturers of metal gates in Great Britain. 

Gates come in all sorts of sizes and styles and we have ensured that our collection meets the needs and wants of all of our customers. When you come to us, you are able to find whatever gate you need – whether that is metal garden gates or some metal estate gates. Metal side gates and metal driveway gates are both very popular choices for your home, as their sleek design allows you to have a decorative barrier that doesn’t cover or obstruct any view.

If you’ve had a look through our metal gates and you can’t find the exact style or size of gate you are after, we offer made to measure wrought iron gates so that you are able to have the metal gate you want for your home or property. If you are looking for something a little different, why not take a look at our wooden gates

Wrought Iron Style Gates

We offer an extensive range of wrought iron styled gates, allowing you to have a classical look for the gates on your property.

Each of the metal and styled wrought iron gates we offer come with a 10 year workmanship guarantee, so you can rest in the knowledge that when you are buying a metal gate from us – you are buying the best. Our metal gates manufacturing team also create a metal railing in a range of sizes. Should you be after something to upgrade your gate, please see our special auto kits and turn your metal gate into an automatic gate.

When you come to Cannock Gates for your metal gate needs, you have the option of having your gate primed or you can upgrade your gate to be painted or have it electro-galvanised for added rust resistance and powder coated black. (NB: electro-galvanising is not a 100% rust prevention and it remains the end customer’s responsibility to periodically check for coating damage and touch up as and when required) Whichever option you choose, all of our metal gates come with all the necessary fittings required – if you prefer you can get in touch with our friendly sales team on 01543 462500 and enquire about gate installation.

**All mentions of wrought iron gates on the Cannock Gates website refer to the design of the metal gates. Each of the metal gates for sale that are listed as wrought iron are made from mild steel and stylised as wrought iron gates.

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